Privacy Policy

  1. Data Processing – The operations related to the processing of personal data carried out only and exclusively by RenderCAD Srl They consist of the collection, storage, organization, processing and utilization of the same in accordance with the provisions of Law 675/1996 and subsequent enactment of Law 196/03.
  2.  Place which houses the data – Personal data is stored at the headquarters of RenderCAD Srl Via Monte Smoke Stack 17-19 Orvieto (TR) through the use of a server connected to a local network in a specially created database using Microsoft Access software to which access is controlled through electronic authentication and password.
  3. Purposes for which the data are intended – The processing of personal data is carried out for exclusive finalitïà fulfillment of specific accounting requirements, pay, social security, welfare and tax of stakeholders and recipients of the communications strictly connected with this requirement, as well as for the Management of the Protocol on the data required for classification of correspondence also for purposes of commercial information or sending advertising materials closely related to the services provided by RenderCAD Srl
  4. Nature of the data being processed – The nature of the data used by RenderCAD Srl for the treatment are of a master -nominativo, address- and other elements of personal identity as phone numbers, fax numbers or e-mail and curriculum studies.
  5. Method of treatment of data – how we handle the data is so detailed for each scope. Collection: is performed by RenderCAD srl lawfully and fairly directly communicated orally or in writing with the person concerned, through the website in special forms (form) in which data is requested to enable it to contact you, as well as through public registers, lists, records and documents to anyone. In the case where both the user to contact RenderCAD Srl, RenderCAD Srl It can keep a record of that correspondence or communication. RenderCAD Srl, can record information deductible from the communication medium to contact RenderCAD Srl, or to access services; such information may include the e-mail address, including country domain, the language selected to view the pages, the browser type, the ‘e-mail address of the sender in the e-mail messages sent, the’ address Sender written on the envelope or the fax number that appears on the fax machine, or the phone number of ‘device from which the call was effettuata. Processing: organization of data is done through a computer in a database, created by RenderCAD Ltd., strictly confidential and not available to any other person except the controller or personnel director. Communication: data so processed will not be communicated, given or sold to third parties without the express consent of ‘concerned, and at present it is the intention of RenderCAD Srl to disclose such information.
  6. Data Processor – RenderCAD Srl It is the only controller that can be contacted by e-mail for any clarification with regard to the data held by RenderCAD Srl that may relate to your person.
  7. Data protection – The data collected are only accessible by the controller or delegated personnel and were taken suitable preventive security measures, in order to minimize, the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of data, the risk of unauthorized access or treatment not allowed or inconsistent with the purposes of collection. was installed on the local network consists of a system firewall and antivirus that can minimize the risk of possible intruders as well as UPS is connected to the server to individual PCs to avoid danneggiameti caused by power surges of electricity
  8. Consent – Treatment as per article 23 will be admitted only with the consent of ‘concerned except for cases cases expressed by’ article 12, letter f), for information relating to the conduct of economic activities also collected for indicated in the article 13, paragraph 1, letter e) that is related to commercial information or sending advertising materials.
  9. Rights dell ‘interested – As the article 13 the’ concerned can exercise their rights at any time it deems appropriate by contacting by e-mail the controller. Every time they are sent by e-mail advertising information concerning activities by RenderCAD Srl will always communicated may be removed from the company database by suspending thus sending information of that type. If you receive a notice from RenderCAD Srl and such notice does not contain instructions on how to opt out of receiving similar messages in the future, and you want their names will be removed from the distribution list, follow the following instructions: If the communication is sent by e-mail, forward the message through mail to requesting that his name be deleted from the database.

Terms and conditions Newsletter

Please be informed that the personal data sent via the website form are used with the primary purpose to periodically send a newsletter containing news, information and initiatives, including advertising, related to the topics covered on the site.

This newsletter is delivered only to those who require them explicitly and authorize the processing of their personal data. For specific information about privacy and the handling of personal data please note that the subscription to the newsletter is subject to acknowledgment and all’accentazione related disclosures. The provision of data is optional for the purposes aforesaid being functional, the enrollment to the Newsletter is in “Double Opt-In” (those who register receive an e-mail which was followed by a confirmation on site to complete the registration; This mode guarantees the user by entries made by third parties). Each member is entitled to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by following the instructions in any email received.