..domotica (home automation)

The italian term “domotica” comes from importing a French neologism domotique, in turn shrinking the Greek word domos and informatique, and is the discipline that deals with the integration of different technologies such as electrical engineering, electronics, information technology , the communication and, more in general, in residential automation.

The purpose of residential home automation is mainly to contribute, through the integration of automation processes, conditions of comfort, safety and well-being of man in his home or office space.

Therefore, the ability in terms of functionality, scalability, technological compatibility and usability of a home automation system to put together the many components that affect the residence in a “comfortable environment” is crucial to evaluate its performance.

The ability to put together the devices of each type of system through the programming of specific events and responding to customer needs, are virtually endless and here are some examples of integration:

  • Turning off all lights when the presence sensors no longer feel the presence of people inside the residence / office;
  • Activation of the heating system in special thermo-hygrometric conditions and perhaps also in relation to the presence of people;
  • Automated activation of electric devices of greater absorption of electricity only in certain times and when the entire total absorption does not exceed n.watt;
  • Sending voice messages in real-time on device or smartphone by using the e-mail to inform the opening of an input or adjustments to these functions based on the outside light by programming the system at various times of the day or depending on the season;
  • On or off of lighting equipment at the time of the opening of an entrance or presence in the environment;
  • Sending voice messages from your smartphone to activate any scenario;
  • Sending through e-mail, images taken by webcam when they are detected presence in the environment;
  • Enter through email for alarm information for any gas leaks or water leaks.
  • ………………………………..